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Can you compete with the best?

We are always seeking the best players to strengthen our hardcore raiding roster. Do you strive to finish an instance before anyone else and work together with a highly skilled team of extraordinary players? Do you want to achieve the best possible results without commiting to a daytime raiding schedule? Prime is rising and the storm is coming!


Meet the team

Prime is one of the oldest hardcore raiding guilds with a long tradition from Cataclysm until now due to the continuous support of its members and friends.

We are more than the sum of our parts. We are Prime!


Read about our History

Like any veteran raiding guild Prime went through rough times and harsh decisions had to be made. Since 2011 we cycled through hundreds of raiders to find only the best and to keep improving every single day. The sands of time definitively shaped Prime and now we look back.

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Boosting Services

Prime is currently boosting all Warlords of Draenor Raiding or Group Content. We primarily sell Hellfire Citadel content and raiding achievements but since we believe in J.M.Keynes and that demand determines supply we are open for offers to help you achieve your goals!

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Prime Key Achievements

Some of the main achievements that Prime has acquired since first being established.

Realm First Kills

The guild has accumulated numerous realm first achievements

Active for over 5 Years

The guild has been operating since 2011

Top 20 World Kills

At the height of the guild’s success Prime achieved several top 20 world kills

Rank 1 Speed Kills

It has achieved multiple rank 1 speed kills worldwide