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Prime vs The Sands of Time

Learn about the history of Prime and how it became the unique and long lived guild it is today.

Where it all began....

Start of time

After being a raider and officer in Fallout on Tarren Mill for almost four years I decided to take a two month break when we progressed Lich King Heroic 25.This mainly due to the fact that I disagreed with the rest of the management team. Officers with bad performance getting 100% raidspots while trials outperformed them started to bother me a lot. After the summer vacaction I was not allowed back into the main raiding team because with the new officers two girls thought it would disturb the balance in the team.

I decided to create my own 10 man group during firelands. Five weeks after the patch release we starting raiding 10 man in Fallout. During this time there was another 10 man group raiding in the guild aswell. There was a lot of drama about 10 or 25 man being harder from the other group and mine. During the end of the tier I decided it was best for me to create my own guild. Prime was born. With Narcoliez being the only man still standing along my side at this moment.

Dragon Soul

First Tier as Prime

After clearing Firelands Prime expanded its team to 25 man. Four weeks into the patch we began our journey in Dragon Soul. With rotating more than 80 players during the tier it was hell on earth. Everything went fairly well during the first five bosses of the instance. We reached Warmaster Blackhorn and the difference in skill level between our raiders really started to show. Several players could not push the required dps.

We recruited sx arcane mages for Ship and with arcane mage burst on Spine of Deathwing in the back of our minds aswell. One of them had a dad serving a life sentence in prison because of using genocide in the Yugoslavian war. When we finally got all of them we went really pumped to the Warhorn. After one day of raiding two mages got kicked already and two weeks later we ended up with one mage again. All of them being in a wheelchair. After a couple weeks we managed to down the boss and moved on to Spine.

On this boss we used a Blood DK that did not use bloodboil and a prot paladin that made a guide about spine of deathwing that we saw many months later. In here he explained that during a lot of tries his shield went red and he equiped a pvp shield as best solution.

After killing Spine we reached Madness of Deathwing. With half of our raiders boiling from anger and rage due to having such a big difference in skill we killed the boss as 320 world.

After clearing Dragon Soul we spent many months boosting players and selling TCG mounts from the Chinese that invaded our realm and many others. We made around 20 million gold to buy epics and whatever needed to beat our rivals on the realm. With Insurgency being the number one guild to beat. "But EH?!? what can go wrong with 20 mil. gold to buy anything possible?"

Bonus video !!! Enraged Choptimus VS guardian tank Colaz:

Meanwhile Zed and me and some fun with Kungen aswell.

He pulled his old guild Nihilum back from the dead to raid on our realm. This is a couple months after Ensidia died from going to Tarren Mill.

Mists of Pandaria

Adventures in Pandaland

With the release of Mists of Pandaria Prime spent 15 million gold on epics to arm our raid for the first instance Mogu'shan Vaults. We started to clear normal content in here with our best ten players at seven in the morning and got rank 17 world.

We thought this was really promissing for the 25 man raid in Heroic aswell. But boy oh boy, we were wrong!

Starting on Stone guards heroics we had eight players with flat tires in their wheelchair, four people with Asperger Syndrome and two guys without legs to walk on. People died everywhere because they couldnt move from bad on the ground.

Meanwhile our rival guild Insurgency managed to down the boss on 10 man and made a troll video about us:

After killing the first three bosses we reached Spirit kings Heroic. This is where the bomb exploded. With our best players being fully annoyed with the bad performance of 2/3 of the raiding team we decided to cut of the trash and continue as 10 man as well. Atleast they got sponsored on gear for several millions right?

This is where my most hardworking officer and friend Jarim left the guild due to an IRL raging warrior that could not be contained! He created his own guild called Bad example. Collateral damage was our greek group of players that left aswell. They got raged out of the guild by the same player.

After this we steadily moved on through Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring until we reached Sha of Fear Heroic. After spending three weeks in phase four and wiping constantly under 20% due to a disc priest that was shit at shielding we finally got lucky. We recruited our one man army Gottan. We took him in instead of our other disc priest and killed the boss after reaching phase four twice.

Killing this boss without a warlock, ele shaman or a mage did not make it easier for us either. We ended this tier eventually as rank 331 and realm second. (still behind the Danish guild Insurgency)

Throne of Thunder

Defying the Thunder King

The first week we asked several casual players to help us in 25 man. They would get achievement and we would get gear. It was a bit harder then expected to carry some unskilled players which resulted in another classic rage video between me and best wall-hugging tank EU Snore.

Being a 10 man guild in Throne of Thunder we started really well with killing the first four bosses fairly quickly. Going back to council after we downed Mageara we faced our first problem. No mages to iceblock, no warlocks to soak, and no resto druids to symbiosis Iceblock either.

Meanwhile through the first half of the instance we lost three core raiders. Our holy paladin who got into a carcrash, our Arabian warlock, and our rogue who left for Ascendance. Our warlock was a special one. He fantasized a lot about raping Kim Kardashian IRL and snaked around asking people for strictly white girl porn.

The pervert couldnt handle the trolling and abuse of being a bad player and emo quit on us. He was our first casualty in Throne.

Meanwhile we progressed with three disc priests as our healing team. After a lot of effort I managed to recruit a new holy paladin for us. He played 2 raids with us, fell drunk down the stairs and got a skull fracture. There went our tank BoP on Durumu!

After spending a couple of weeksin the instance we finally reached Lei Shen Heroic. Yet again we had a terrible raid compostion like on Sha of Fear because of some main raiders leaving. Mainly because we only had 2 solo soakers, no prot or brewmaster during our entire progress and no warlock or rogue on 10 bosses.

We finally killed Ra-Den and finished the tier as 140th 10 man raiding guild.

Siege of Orgrimmar

Prime Rising

In Siege our guild started to get close to its full potential. We lost our mage and DPS warrior halfway during progress. And our Shadow priest went MIA for several weeks because of an internship. We didnt really have any problems on bosses apart from not having a rogue on Siegecrafter Blackfuse.

Spending six to seven hours a day, five to six days a week was taking its toll on the relationship some players had with eachother.

Unlike real-life you cannot choose your "friends" in a raiding guild.

And because half our roster was brand new we experienced some behaviour problems every now and then.

Two already classic examples of this are the following two videos!

Dont pay too much details to the fact every rage video includes one English guy!

Other than that we had a lot of fun competing for the front page of wowprogress. And after landing a kill on siegecrafter we finally accomplished our goal. Getting realm rank 1 during progress. The great world rank at the time was not our main goal but a cherry on the cake.

After progressing for three weeks on Garrosh Hellscream we killed him.

The first two weeks we had some roster issues with raiders going away from several days with family or friends.

Again narcoliez and me had our moment! the DK king had issues dodging an iron star that covered half his screen.

Eventually after having all our core raiders together it took us a few days. We managed to kill the boss at 1.30 AM in the middle of the night. Prime ended as rank 20 world with finally for the first time defeating our biggest competitors; Insurgency.

After finally being done with progress Blizzard decided to give us a new challenge 3 days later. Mythic raiding will be the new real deal in 6.0. Immediatly we reformed our guild to a 25 man raiding team to start clearing asap.

We combined our casual Swedish 10 man group and our Danish comrades from Insurgency and mixed the three groups into one raiding team. We lost quite a lot of players in this procress. Mainly because some people quit playing or did not want to raid hardcore in 6.0 anymore.

3 weeks after starting this new 25 man environment and with 2/3rd of the raiding team getting achievements on Siegecrafter, Klaxxi and Garrosh HC we cleared the instance. Thus making Prime realm first 10 and 25 man Heroic.

In four tiers prime went from scratch to the front page of wowprogress. Sometimes being criticized as a guild with a bad raiding atmosphere. My philosophy is to be direct and honest while raiding. Confronting players directly while raiding and explaining why they failed on certain mechanics. Not to talk down on someone but instead to make those individuals improve at this game. Personally I do not know of many other guilds that went from scratch in four tiers to rank 20 world. This being done in under two years of the guild's existence.

Throughout the two years of the guild’s existence we had houndreds of raiders in our ranks. In Prime we expect people to be serious while raiding and to give their very best performance. This includes thinking outside of the box, min-maxing their character, and maximum focus. Outside of raids almost any kind of trolling is allowed.

As long as the guild exists we are the biggest and most active community on the realm. With people on teamspeak and socializing with each other around the clock, all year long.

So the Mythic Dream started.

Thanks for reading! (WoD coming soon!)

Business (Prime Guildmaster)